SINPAVA is the employers' union in the Vale do Aço, representing the food, bakery, confectionery, and pasta industries. It works to defend business rights and promote the development of this sector on various fronts, driving socioeconomic advancement in the region.

Upon completing 34 years, the union aimed to assert its current growth by introducing a new brand to its members and partners. The goal was to modernize its brand, which was created at the inception of the institution, and emphasize its key attributes of responsibility, experience and commitment, and its focus on business owners.

As the industries represented by SINPAVA belong to various segments of the food industry, the symbol is a deconstruction and division into eight equal parts of a larger triangle. The national food pyramid consists of 8 food groups, covered by the different industries. The arrangement in a circular pattern represents the spirit of association and the collective effort of all involved towards a common goal, mutual growth.

Visual Identity

Ipatinga/MG - BRA - 2023