After years in the market, Serrato Rústicos (formerly Serraria Grama) defined new objectives and sought to revamp its brand to reposition itself in the rustic furniture segment, increase its digital presence, and expand its territorial reach.

Naming and visual identity projects were developed with the goals of dissociating the brand name from the neighborhood where the company is located and creating a strong name and brand with a unique personality in the segment, showcasing its strength, simplicity, and beauty.

'Serrato' arises from the combination of the words 'serraria' (sawmill), which gave birth to the business, and 'artesanato' (craftsmanship), emphasizing the meticulous and manual process in the production of its pieces and products acquired through partners.

Serrato Rústicos
Naming | logo design | Visual Identity

Juiz de Fora/MG - Bra - 2023

Serrato Rústicos