Industrial Solutions

Excel is a company that offers various services and stands out for its predictive maintenance, assessing the condition of machines and equipment through different processes.

Its purpose is to be a reference in the region, catering to major maintenance tasks that currently tend to be outsourced to other centers. The objective of the project was to develop a visual identity that connects with the industrial environment and demonstrates that the company is dedicated to promptly meeting customer needs, always delivering quality and results.

The graphic solution of the symbol starts with the letter "E" and adds an upward movement with a slight step in the motion. The starting point for the development was the meanings of the word "Excel," which in English describes someone who does something much better than others or excels in what they usually do, and "predictive," which involves deducing data or analyzing trends. Therefore, the symbol is born from the blend of surpassing what was done in the past and analyzing graphs and data to develop the best solutions.

Identidade Visual

Juiz de Fora - 2023

Excel - Soluções industriais