BioAroeira deals with the commercialization and manufacturing of cleaning, maintenance, and pool water analysis kit products. It is a company that has been operating in the market for 28 years and, in a transition process, is dissociating itself from the Bio Análise brand and moving forward with its development as BioAroeira.

The goal of the project was to initiate a new beginning for a company with considerable market experience, developing an identity that distances itself both nominally and graphically from the previous brand while connecting with the audience that trusts the brand and allowing for possible expansion of the company's product portfolio.

Identidade Visual

João Monlevade/MG - Brazil - 2023


Listed in "The Most Impressive Logo Redesigns" by DesignRush

O símbolo nasce da desconstrução dos três átomos que constituem a molécula responsável pela limpeza das piscinas e as formas circulares acompanham o peso atômico de cada elemento químico. O agrupamento das formas em um elemento quadrangular cria uma unidade e uniformidade ao símbolo, combina modernidade e tradicionalismo corporativo e facilita as diversas aplicações da marca possíveis.