BioAroeira deals with the marketing and manufacturing of cleaning, maintenance products, and pool water analysis kits. The company has been in the market for 28 years and, in a transitional process, separates from the Bio Análise brand to continue its development as BioAroeira.

The project's goal was to initiate, through the brand, the restart of a company with considerable experience in the market, developing an identity that distances itself nominally and graphically from the previous brand but connects with the audience that trusts the brand. It also aims to align with the potential expansion of the company's product portfolio.

Logo Design | Visual Identity

João Monlevade/MG - Bra - 2023


Listed project in "The Most Impressive Logo Redesigns" by DesignRush

The symbol originates from the deconstruction of the three atoms that constitute the molecule responsible for pool cleaning, and the circular forms correspond to the atomic weight of each chemical element. The grouping of these shapes into a rectangular element creates unity and uniformity in the symbol, blending modernity with corporate tradition and facilitating various possible brand applications.