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Aplicaí is a strategic business consultancy, with customized products for consultancies, lectures and training on innovation, leadership, motivation, sales and other relevant topics to promote transformative solutions for its clients.

The brand seeks, in general, to promote innovation and encourage people to be agents of this continuous development thinking.

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The name Aplicaí, intended to stimulate and promote transformation, is an expression that calls stakeholders to action. It is imperative, inviting, provocative, motivating and alive! The transformation proposed by the consultancy, or by its lectures and training sessions, will only be achieved if the individuals in each company turn the concepts, analyses and exercises into practical actions.

"Have you gained new knowledge? Apply it!"
"Do you have any doubts about whether a certain action will work? Apply it!"
"Have you understood the data and paths presented by the consultancy? Apply it!"

[The name Aplicaí has a similar translation to “Apply it”]

The Brand

The brand seeks, from its verbal and visual expression, to break away from the closed, heavy and highly formal language and aesthetics of the business consultancy segment. After all, when talking to different profiles of managers, employees and listeners, especially to promote progress and innovation, you need to be inviting, appropriating your attributes as an innovative, inspiring and exclusive brand.

The symbol and typography follow the simple, cheerful and popular profile to express empathy by welcoming different people, businesses and ideas. In addition, the visual identity brings a variety of colors, beyond corporate blue, but without being extravagant, to highlight its youthful, dynamic and adaptable way of being.

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